Christmas Tree 

Good morning friends! Well we’d heard a lot about these trees of Christmas but we still weren’t prepared for how amazing they truly are! We love our Christmas boom! (Boom = tree in Dutch and is now our new favourite word!)

Anyway a whole boom tree of kitten fun is now in our living room! Firstly the humans put lights on it and we loved it just like that. The branches were so scratchy and bitey and the lights could be pulled off – it was great fun! To make it even better though, they then added 100 kitten toys to it! 

At first they put them low down on the tree but this wasn’t much of a challenge for us and we stole about twenty straight away.

They got a bit annoyed then and started hanging them all higher up. This was good with us as we prefer a challenge anyway but they then said that the tree was only for looking at!? Have you ever heard anything so crazy!? We tried just looking…

It’s really not so much fun though and the dangling balls and twinkling lights draw us in.

There’s nothing we can do to resist. This giant kitty tree must be played with and we have vowed to remove all 100 toys as soon as we can. We’ve already got 3 in our bed 🙂 


The humans have made it a challenge by closing this room off at night but we will get in…. We always do.

Have great days friends and we hope you have as much fun with your Christmas trees as we intend to have with ours!

Love Bella and Esme xxx


9 thoughts on “Christmas Tree 

  1. Dear kittens, Scamp fully understands…She liked to take the tree for rides where it shouldn’t fall, and mom ended up blocking it with play sand beneath the tree skirt. Plus, it was great fun to climb in, she never got the concept of just looking at. If Scamp is looking at it, she plans on pouncing on it…Just ask Squib;-).

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  2. Oh how exciting! I knew you girls would LOVE the Christmas tree. It’s very hard to resist isn’t it. Lights, greenery, and most of all ORNAMENTS! No doubt you will drive your girl-woman and boy-man crazy as they try to protect the tree from the ATTACK OF THE CRAZY KITTENS. But it’s all part of celebrating the holiday………(just try not to break anything!).

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Heh, my very first real live tree was a thing of beauty. I was so happy. Until I had to take ALL the ornaments off the bottom half of the tree. Not only was the resident cat at the time stealing them, he was dropping them down the furnace vents!! (Fortunately they were little wooden ornaments, not plastic.)

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  4. I remember my first Christmas. We never have had a real tree but I love our tree. There is no way to shut the living room off from the rest of the house and one morning mom found me up the tree and batting all the real sparkly ornaments on the floor. Kali was no help….she just stared at me and played with the ornaments on the floor. Mom watched to see how I got up the tree and blocked my way. I have put on a few pounds now so it might not be so easy to climb the tree. hehe


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