A Day of 3 Breakfasts

Good morning friends! Today is shaping up to be a magnificent day. Firstly a present arrived through the post for us from sparkly woman.

We are not allowed to open it until something called ‘Christmas’ which is most unfair but we are having fun chasing it around the room for now. 

We also got 3 breakfasts today! Boy-man fed us our usual pouch of meat between us (we hate sharing but he insists). Later on girl-woman woke up and we put on sad-hungry faces and she fell for it! She was so sorry for us that she gave us a whole pouch of meat each! Result!

We’re now a bit tired after all the eating so will be mainly relaxing, reading and sleeping today. I’m particularly enjoying the birthday kitten book of poetry that the boy-man’s father and wifey bought recently. It’s most enjoyable and sends me right off to sleep!

I am now thinking of writing my own poems. I have lots of things to write about such as breakfasts and helping out in the kitchen. 🙂
In other news, something called a Christmas tree will soon be put up by the humans. They are very excited about it as are we.  Looks like fun!

Have wonderful days all! Love Bella and Esme xxx


8 thoughts on “A Day of 3 Breakfasts

  1. First of all, concatulations on managing to get THREE breakfasts – you are learning the fine art of deception very well! Can’t WAIT to see how you like your very first Christmas tree. I’m SURE there will be some tree-climbing and exploring, not to mention pulling down of ornaments to play with – should be a most INTERESTING holiday at your house – we can’t wait to see the photos! Tee Hee

    Hugs, Sammy

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