Birthday Celebrations

Good morning friends! Well it was girl-woman’s birthday on Tuesday and luckily for her we were there to help her celebrate! Firstly we decorated the kitchen:

Then we spread a little clementine love by scattering them across the table for her. 

They are really quite heavy so it took a lot of dedication on our part. 

She was naturally delighted with all our decorations. Boy-man bought her some flowers but they didn’t look very good at first:

Again, we stepped in to help and they now look much better!

For some strange reason we are no longer allowed near the flowers. We think it’s something to do with our systematic removal of all the lily heads. It’s a shame as we could really improve the look of the bunch much more if they’d let us. 

Girl-woman also got a new, shiny red pot thing to keep all her baking utensils in. It’s some sort of matching set thing. Anyway, she had it on the kitchen side but the boy-man said that we would put germs on the utensils so he moved it to the shelf instead. Good call boy-man. This will definitely keep germs away.


Yes, definitely a germ-free area! 

After all the birthday excitement we just had time for a little pan pot relaxation before bed.


I was trying to mind my own business as I meditated in my pan but boy-man started on about germs again. He really is obsessed with them…


Have a lovely (germ free) day friends. Love from Bella and Esme xxx


12 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. HAHAHA…….well there are more germs OUTSIDE your apartment than INSIDE for sure so maybe boy-man can concentrate on those germs and let you girls play in your pots and pans!! I think you did a great job decorating for girl-woman’s birthday………purrrrfect!

    Hugs, sammy

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  2. Happy birthday to girl-woman! I dread to think what you two ladies will be doing with the Christmas tree. Hope you don’t sit too long in that saucepan, either! PS There’s a thing about lilies being not very nice at all for cats – not sure of the exact type but would recommend you look it up.

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  3. hahaha…you dudettes are a scream! You did everything for girl woman’s special day that I would have done for mom I think you did more. I just whap the flowers and move on…I know she’ll putter with them again. We are not aloud on the counters and just as well…..we might get germs on us from all the cwap mom keeps up there…like spices, herbs and this is not to mention the stove. Kali would probably walk on a hot stove as her sight is not so good anymore. We are better here on the wood floor. I loved you in a pot. Tell your mom that would make a nifty Christmas Card.


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