Another Day of Helpfulness

Morning friends and happy weekend! Yesterday was another busy day here and we were there to help as usual.

Firstly, we helped to wash up the dishes including our kitty bowls.

After that we helped to share out the biscuits.


Then girl-woman put our food on the floor and we sat on the kitchen side crying as we didn’t want to eat down there.

She quite rightly gave in and brought our food back up onto the kitchen side. This was lovely as we could eat our breakfast whilst she made hers.

After breakfast some new furniture arrived. The mirror is huge and despite trying, we were unable to climb it.

We do like the bedside tables though and helped to pack things into them.

The dressing table is also nice and after helping to move things around it, we discovered that it is a great location to view the room from.

After all this helping you would think we would be tired out but we still managed to help choose the human’s evening food!


After such a busy and helpful day we are tired out and plan to spend today radiator sleeping. Have a good weekend. Love Bella and Esme xxx




8 thoughts on “Another Day of Helpfulness

  1. What gorgeous girls you are – beautiful markings. Very spoilt, and rightly so. Nice to see you sharing your meals with your human-people! Good luck with climbing the mirror – Purdey keeps trying with mirrored doors but hasn’t quite worked it out yet!

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  2. You two must be exhausted after a day of “helping”……so much to do! Glad you have some new things to climb on and explore – I didn’t think you’d have any luck with the mirror climbing but at least you TRIED!

    Hugs, sammy

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  3. What a day…right from first thing, it was go, go go. Did you look in the mirror? There is an imposter that lives in some of those mirrors. Sammy from “One Spoiled Cat” told me that we have to be careful and watch for him…he has fur that’s the same colour as ours and he is fierce.


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  4. You kitty kats sure are a big help and what a great time you had being helpful. Love the pictures and the story of how much you helped the Mom. We know she appreciated it a lot. And good for you to train her to put the food up on the counter. Well done.

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