Butt Fluff Issues

Good morning friends! Oh the shame of the butt fluff trimming! 😦

 Today there was a small, early morning poop issue that made girl-woman decide that she needed to trim our butt fluff 😦 It was not pleasant! 

She cut loads of our fur off and then swept it all away without a care. Luckily for us the door bell rang so we were able to spread the fur around again and Bella even got to eat some which was good:

Anyway, moving on. We are putting the whole issue behind us and have had serious words with girl-woman to ensure it won’t happen again. 

After the butt fluff was trimmed we went into angry hiding mode. Girl-woman foolishly thought that because we were hidden she could safely make a prawn salad with the door open! Ha! I stole a big, fat prawn and played with it in the shower for ages before she even noticed. 


It was very tasty and the whole shower room smells like the ocean now 🙂 

After the prawn stealing there was a small bit of trouble over some drying trousers. In my defense the trousers were in my usual sleeping spot and I didn’t mean to drop cat food on them. It’s just such a great place to snack!

In other news, girl-woman got some early birthday and Christmas gifts from her mom which she was allowed to open because she’s spoilt or has a head injury or something like that. 


We helped to open them of course and were very pleased with the first item!

A tea pot painted full of kitties! Excellent! We are looking forwards to our first cup of tea 🙂 

We were however, less impressed with the second item….


Why do humans wear these things? They do not have fur and should accept it! 

Anyway, the new bike parts have arrived now so we shall definitely be helping boy-man with some fixing later. 

Have a good day friends. Love from Bella and Esme xxx 


15 thoughts on “Butt Fluff Issues

  1. Poor girls…….de-floofed so now your little butts are probably cold right? Be brave – it will grow back! I was lucky enough to score some shrimp yesterday too! Mom was making seafood chowder and I can smell shrimp from miles away so I sat on her foot I the kitchen until she gave me TWO shrimp! YUM. I think your help in ironing your boy-man’s trousers should have been appreciated. I also think that outfit your girl-woman is wearing is CUTE!

    Hugs, Sammy


  2. Whew! My two Persian brothers had diarrhea as kittens, and that butt fluff…! Well, that was the point, after several traumatic baths for the kittens, where I decided to check into professional defluffing. Problem solved, and the boys enjoy the day at the kitty spa, by all accounts.

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  3. B & E……ya noe what they say bout pay bax…..{ well, we dont noe either reel lee } but we think de fact ya had yur butt furz stolen & girl woman had de prawn stolen….. makes it kinda like….even…….just a bit….. coz ewe both knead ta steel mor prawnz far az we R concerned……….way kewl gits yur mom getted ~~~~ ♥♥♥

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  4. Sis has flloofy butt issues but I don’t. I have very short fur everywhere. This can cause some chattering problems in the winter as I still like to go out but dudettes, it’s dang cold around here in the winter.

    We love that tea pot too….it’s gorgeous. We are all tea toddlers here and thing this tea pot is the cat’s meow. hehe The other gift..well…how does your mom go to the bathroom without getting totally undressed….getting completely undressed for a tinkle would be rather cool. It sure looks warm though. Girl-woman should try wearing this furry get up in the summer and then she’d know first pawed what we suffer with each summer. Bet the a/c would go more often. hehe I won’t discuss the pants issue…if Boy-man doesn’t have better manners than to throw his clothes all over the house….so be it!



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  5. You two are a wonderful help to your humans but please please please DO NOT break her lovely kitty teapot. She and her Mama both love you very much. But it is near the time when you two might want to be good for some extra treats .


  6. Poor girls! As if trimming your butt fluff wasn’t enough, now girl-woman tells the world about it! I share your shame (though not the butt fluff). A spa sounds like a wonderful idea, as suggested in previous comments. Good comeback with the prawn, though. Prawns could be secreted in all kinds of places. Go, girls! 🙂 PS Happy Early Birthday to Girl-Woman!

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