Bathroom Beds

Good morning friends! Last night we were rudely kicked out of the bedroom for sleeping on girl-woman’s poorly leg. We were only trying to keep it warm but she was very ungrateful and boy-man is super protective of her at the moment. It’s only a small bit of head injury, they really are so dramatic!

Anyway, whilst in exile, we discovered that the bathroom has fantastic beds in it! There is the wonderful new bathroom-shower chair which helps girl-woman not to fall over whilst washing. 

We love to sit underneath this and scratch her legs whilst she showers. It’s great fun and improves her balance no end. Who knew that the chair could also be such a great sleeping place as well though?! 

Bella’s new bathroom bed is also wonderful!


The boy-man was a tad annoyed as he had to brush his teeth in the kitchen sink because Bella wouldn’t move but we are very happy with our new bathroom beds. 

Happy resting friends! Love from Bella and Esme xxx


10 thoughts on “Bathroom Beds

  1. Gosh…..we kitties always try to help keep our injured humans WARM and cozy – our little bodies give healing heat….obviously girl-woman and boy-man don’t “get it”……but you tried! I think bathroom beds are quite nice – especially the sink – and especially in the summer when it’s warm – those sinks are nice and cool! You two are making the best of your temporarily cranky humans though and I’m proud of you for that! I think you deserve extra treats!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. I’m glad to see that you two are doing everything within your power to help girl-woman’s recuperation. Sitting in the bathroom sink is especially thoughtful. I’m guessing Bella doesn’t know anything about taps?

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  3. Bella’s bed looks like it was made for her! When my Mom was in a car accident 3 months ago, she got a knot on her left shin. Every time Jamison (my evil cat brother) rubbed on her leg, he head-butted her shin right on the knot. I think he nearly lost his kitty life once or twice. Beware of injured moms!!! *ear licks* Noodle

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  4. Imagine…what ungrateful peeps! I’ve been shuffled off to the bathroom on occasion….we won’t talk about those times. I fount the tub a great place for a snooze and a wonderful place to play ball and hockey…I slide and score all in one move. The louder the toy hits the side of the tub…..the more points.


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