Helping With Recovery

Good morning friends! 

We have sadly been unable to blog for a while as we’ve been busy helping to fix our girl-woman. She accidentally managed to get hit by a scooter recently and has naturally needed our help to recover. It wasn’t anything major really; A small bit of unconciousness, an ambulance ride, some teeth knocked out, brain bruising, concussion, bruised legs and walking with crutches. You know the kind of thing. Nothing really bad but then humans are so dramatic about these things! 


I mean, I was hurt way worse when I fell out of the window and there wasn’t nearly so much fuss! Anyway, as girl-woman couldn’t stay awake when she first got home we decided to return the crystals we had stolen from her a few months back. 


Despite having permanently lost her favourite green one, the crystals immediately helped girl-woman feel better. 

Irritatingly, the scooter hit her bike which we had only just helped boy-man to fix:


As usual we stepped in to help with the rebuild. This time we are going to need some new parts though.

The best thing about girl-woman being hit by a scooter is that she is always very sleepy. Bella and I are also often very sleepy so the days are currently working out well:


The worst thing about the scooter accident is that boy-man is back in charge of feeding us and he’s really rubbish at it. He hardly gives us any food and we are both getting dangerously thin 😦 

More blogging soon friends! Have a wonderful day. Love from Bella and Esme xxx




18 thoughts on “Helping With Recovery

  1. Bloody hell!! This is need more nourishment than boy-man is giving you. This worries me. Girl-woman has had a rough time and you know humans…they just have to mope around about the least little thing, I’ll bet she looks weird without her teeth. Try not to laugh….she will be self-conscious. You have your work cut out for you. Get that girl-woman up or the food and treats will be slim pickins.


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    • I know, we’re really quite concerned about the lack of food. Ps- she wouldn’t allow us to upload the most excellent toothless photos of her lol!


  2. Oh Girls I’m so sorry to hear your girl-woman had an accident on her bike! OUCH – I bet she hurts all over. So glad she’s alright though except for the sleepiness – maybe she’s taking pills that make her sleepy? Anyway, you’re there to take care of her and that’s good while her mangled bike is repaired by boy-man. I do hope that boy-man will not let you waste away to nothing from starvation though – let’s hope girl-woman can talk him into not being so STINGY with the foodables! Please give your girl-woman a SOFT hug from us……she needs to get better soon – after all Christmas is coming and you girls need PRESENTS bought and STOCKINGS hung, etc. and we all know boy-man will be rubbish at that……..!

    Hugs, sammy

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  3. Oh no! 😦 I really hope that girl-woman is well on her way to recovery! What an awful experience. I hope that you girls are giving her lots of fluffy cuddles! As for the food situation, and knowing how you two are so good at getting into things, have you tried breaking into the cupboard?

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  4. B & E……pleez ta tell gurl woman we iz troo le sorree thiz happened…whoa….we hope her iz on de road ta ree coveree & healthee…we all sew hope her mode oh tranz portationz iz bak ta regular in noe time

    { oh, & make sure ya look and kinda feel sorree for her…. coz due knot forget that Christmas iz rite round de korner 🙂

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  5. My goodness ! You folks have been dangerously busy ! Please take good care of yourselves and your humans. Be glad you have Boy-Man as a back-up even though he is feeding you skimpily. My kitties only have me.

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