Yey to Furniture & Boo to Diets! 

Good morning friends! More exciting furniture developments have taken place this week! Our favourite one is the new kitchen chair. The humans brought it in so they could sit and chat while they cook dinner. Naturally we have claimed it! We love kitchen chair and spend lots of time there. It also makes jumping onto the side much easier! 

In the living room a new sofa and chair have also arrived thanks to one of girl-woman’s friends. After our initial suspicions, we have decided that we like the new additions and have now welcomed them with lots of sniffs and scratches. 


New furniture is fun! 

This week we have been especially helpful to our humans. Firstly, boy-man needed help fixing a bike so we dived in to lend a paw.

Secondly, the girl-woman was off work poorly but she was lucky to have us around to lie on her and keep her warm.

She was struggling to breathe so we made sure we sat on her chest, throat and face to keep them nice and warm. She was so grateful that she took some selfies to send to boy-man.

Eventually, she was overwhelmed with our attention and put us outside. We were just glad to have helped. 

The worst thing about this week has been the new diet. The humans have been quite strict about it even when we have angrily protested near our empty bowls.

To show our anger, I placed myself at perfect glaring distance when the humans were about to sleep. I then directed angry thoughts and stares at them. 

They were obviously very intimidated by my angry face as the food situation seemed to improve slightly the next day. Will keep you posted about this…

Have a lovely weekend! 

Love from Bella and Esme xx



9 thoughts on “Yey to Furniture & Boo to Diets! 

  1. Hello kitties, my you have been busy! I am absolutely certain that boy and girl human must by now be totally unable to cope without you both. I mean, how helpful of you to sit on girl woman’s face as she lay there ill. I cannot imagine how much help that was! I am glad to see that there is furniture now, it must make your lives much easier in a jumping about way. Your silent glaring is superb, keep it up, you’ll be sure to break them 🙂 xxx

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  2. More furniture – oh boy! You can further enhance your climbing skills! Purrrrhaps a nice comfy blankie on that sofa? I’m sure those vicious stares were the reason why your food situation improved – no human can withstand “THE STARE OF DISDAIN” for too long before they cave in. Good thinking. You girls are learning SO MUCH!

    Hugs, Sammy

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