Another Busy Week

Good afternoon friends! We’ve had another busy week, but with a few food issues unfortunately. Firstly the girl-woman started packing tuna salads for her lunch. We kept trying to steal her lunch box and got into quite a lot of trouble.

She refused to share her tuna even after our third attempt. In protest we refused our biscuits on Wednesday so she took them away from us as punishment. We found them later on, on the kitchen side and had a lovely meal up there. Biscuits taste so much better from the kitchen counter!


The boy-man went snowboarding yesterday. We tried to help him to get his board and bindings ready but he was rather ungrateful.

It was all going fairly well until we got distracted by the curtains.
The humans keep the curtains tied up high so we can’t decorate them with scratches but they’re still accessible at times using the chairs.

We got in trouble as usual but we are used to that.

We waited by boy-man’s snowboarding gear all morning but when the time came to leave he left us behind 😦 Humans can be very mean at times. We were looking forwards to a spot of snowboarding. 



10 thoughts on “Another Busy Week

  1. Gosh…..kinda mean that you couldn’t go snowboarding with boy-man but maybe he was afraid your toesies would get too cold in the snow?? You girls would make excellent circus performers as you’re very good at climbing and balancing…….you’ve got “chair-climbing” and “kitchen counter surfing” to your credit already!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. What a time you had! After all this help, the man boy still wouldn’t take you? Perhaps this snow boarding is dangerous and you two might get hurt. He seems nice…a little possessive of his things though. After all the help you two have given him. Sometimes peep are odd but they usually get over it after we wear them down….may take awhile with him but if anybody can get through to him it’s you two.


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