Radiators Rock!

Good morning friends! This week we have mainly been in trouble for helping to wash up the bacon pan:

And for sleeping on the freshly washed bedding:

Humans can be so picky about these things!

In other news we have discovered the joy of radiators! They’re amazing and keep us really toasty warm!


Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Bella and Esme xx


7 thoughts on “Radiators Rock!

  1. Oh yes! My favorite treat is a bit of bacon….my humans share with me – I’m so lucky. But if I had to resort to licking the pan I would…..it’s worth it. Radiators are quite nice and toasty I’m sure. I have a heating pad for my old bones which works just as well as a radiator and I don’t have to leap UP to get on it either (which I probably couldn’t do anyway!). Every day is a new adventure for you two……FUN!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Love the photos, Bella and Esme! There’s nothing like a freshly laundered duvet to sit on. Those radiators must be SO warm but possibly a bit lumpy and hard for furry bottoms to sit on – a cushion would make all the difference! I’m sure your humans would be thrilled to provide one if you asked them nicely.

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  3. B & E….its time yur peepulz red up on de …”what cats CAN due” articlez….yes, cats R s’posed ta kleen up de bacon pan, it helps save water durin kleen up…and yes, cats R s’posed ta lay on laundree….. coz how else iz any one gonna noe if de static iz outta it….. when it comes outta de dryin masheen.~~~~~ ♥♥♥

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