More furniture 

Hello friends! The humans continue to purchase furniture; some good, some not so good. 

We love the new kitchen shelves as they’re great for chilling out on.

They’re also perfect for jumping across to the cold food storage area.

The humans have half-heartedly said that we are no longer allowed in the kitchen (something about hygiene) but we all know that they don’t have the strength to follow this through. They are slowly coming to terms with the fact that we are in charge and will always get our own way in the end. Remember that silly bedroom ban? Totally gone! We sleep on the bed every night now – as we should! 

Anyway, there’s also some spare room furniture that’s not so good. The humans have used it to hide all their clothes in, therefore making it almost impossible for us to add ‘the tattered look’ to new clothing.

Almost impossible but not totally of course. This blue jumper now has some rather fetching holes around the neck which will please girl-woman no end! 

The plus side to all the new furniture is of course, the boxes!


In ‘diet’ news there’s not much to report. Girl-woman keeps saying we are going to get less food but then she feels guilty and always gives us more. So far so good! 😃 


7 thoughts on “More furniture 

  1. You two have the PERFECT strategy – “keep looking adorable and the humans can’t help but be at our mercy and give us what we want” !!! It’s working out well for you. Those boxes look like tons of fun – let’s hope they keep buying more stuff so you get more FUN!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Esme and Bella, you two have struck pay dirt. Jumping shelves to get to the cool food cabinet is a magic trick….good going. I wouldn’t advise eating holes in clothing of pawerts. They are real picky, take it from me. Your hard work will not be appreciated. You can make holes and spit balls all around the house. Blankets look real homey with a few holes here and there. A spit ball aka furball can be great fun as your mom wonders what it is and even better if you’ve eaten string or a leg off a toy and spit it up so your furball will now be like a yo yo. Gives me the murps just thinking of it. MOL


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  3. Haha, that’s my kind of diet, girls! I’m with you and your girl-woman on that one. Purdey loves boxes too, always much more interesting than the contents. She finds it so relaxing to tear off little tiny bits of cardboard, chew them slightly and then spit them out. Not that she wishes to be giving you ideas! 🙂 So glad to hear that you are back on the bed, where you belong.

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