More Poor Quality Toys

Good morning friends! After our repeated requests for better toys (in particular, a blue dragon) the humans came up with some very shoddy offerings.

Dragon fly is NOT the same as a dragon humans! And the frog doesn’t have a very nice personality. He thinks he’s better than us because he wears a crown.

We are ignoring these toys completely and playing with an amazing, white tie wrap that we found instead. 


 In other news we are apparently going on something called a ‘diet’. We’re not quite sure what this is but think it has something to do with food which is always good. Bella is the most excited as she really loves her food. The humans have nicknamed her the ‘football’ as she has become a little rounded recently. 

Have a good day friends 😊



14 thoughts on “More Poor Quality Toys

  1. Scamp says try the love diet–it’s where you train your humans to scratch your tushie just before you get a snack. She loves this diet. However, she is currently busy chasing a moth Dear Dad(James) let in so she and Squib have a free new toy. Then she’ll take another nap.

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  2. UHOH………I hate to be the one to tell you girls, but “diet” is one of those FOUR LETTER WORDS that we do not like! Not one of those words you get in trouble for saying – but definitely TROUBLE. Just take it from me – eat all you can eat now because you’re about to experience a shortage in the food bowl supply!!! Plastic ties are great toys… are wooden spoons, plastic straws, and all manner of things that humans probably shouldn’t let us play with – but WE KNOW BEST right???

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. B & E…put all thoughtz oh shoddee toyz outta yur mind az we haz sum thin VEREE important ta say…..D.I.E.T. is de same aza cuzz werd…onlee WERSE …..bee coz it meenz ewe get…NOE TREETZ…….. LIMITED QUANTATEEZ OH FOOD…thatz rite…FOOD …and NOE PEEPULZ SNAX …… pizza

    we iz knot makin thiz up…♥♥♥♥

    due knot bee fooled inta thiz peace oh human trixeree

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  4. You get cheap toys too? What are we to do? They just don’t get it. I’ve swallowed so many cheap toys, you’d think they’d catch on but no, it’s .”Oh Shoko, you’ll love this toy it has biig ears.” Not for long!
    We don’t know DIET….maybe you eat things that start with “D.”


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