When Bags Attack

Good morning friends! As you may know; I have a thing about bags. Any shape, any size – I just love them! Give me a bag and I’m happy 🙂 


That’s right! Paper bags, plastic bags, sports bags. You name it and I’m in them. 

Today however, it all went wrong. A bag attacked me and I got the handle stuck around my middle! 

It was very frightening so I ran around the apartment howling. The humans came rushing in and managed to get the bag off me thankfully. 

I still blame the humans though – somehow it’s always their fault. I will be sitting here (on the huge bag of suit case) glaring at them for a good few hours now.


Have a good (bag-attack free) day xx


9 thoughts on “When Bags Attack

  1. Scamp has a similar problem. She thinks I’m mean for putting away the plastic bags right away…but there are plenty of other bags for her to play in… I think she really likes the reusable totes I keep meaning to use for grocery shopping as well as for yarn projects.

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  2. Good grief, you have those type of bags there too. The attacking ones are the worst. They just don’t know when to let go. They hang on until I am fretting, kicking with my hind paws and just a yellin’. Mom comes arunnin’…well quickly for her. I almost rip her hand off while she’s trying to untangle me. You know the sad part? You can’t tell the attacking bags from the normal ones. It’s not right, I say.


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