Dustpan Biscuits

Good morning friends! Today is the last day of girl-woman’s school inspection. Apparently she’s had some important people looking around the school and they will decide how good it is. It’s been annoying for us as we have not received the attention we truly deserve and she’s been grumpy with us when we’ve woken her up to play light-switch-pull games at 3am. Hopefully this will improve after today and she’ll be a bit more attentive. 

She is obviously stressed as today we got in trouble for absolutely no reason! 

She fed us as normal and we thought ‘why do we always eat out of these bowls? Let’s get creative!’ So we spread all our biscuits around the hallway. We had just begun munching them when the humans saw us and said we were being messy! They insisted on sweeping our breakfast up so we ended up having to eat out of a dustpan. It was really tasty – we love dustpan biscuits and plan to eat this way more often from now on! 


Have a good day friends! Love from Bella and Esme xxx

Ps – no new toys as yet. 😞


6 thoughts on “Dustpan Biscuits

  1. Biscuits taste good no matter WHERE we get to eat them…..dishes/bowls/floor/rugs/dustpans! As for no new toys yet – unfair punishment I say! Maybe after girl-woman’s school inspection is over she’ll remember that there are two little girls at home who are DESPERATE for TOYS!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Anything on the floor tastes so much more delicious. Did you know if mom’s steps on a biscuit by accident and then hobbles all over the kitchen yelling, these crumbles she brushes off her feet are so much more tasty. I don’t know what she does to them but wow. You just have to try this my friends.


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