A sleepless Night 

Good morning friends! The humans have finally realised how much better life is with furniture in it and have  discovered a shop called IKEA. It’s not the quality we really want but it’s a start. We helped them to build their first book shelf yesterday.

We got the flat pack box as payment for our help which was a fair deal.

Sadly, last night I made a grave mistake. After having my first fur ball the humans announced I was grown up! I decided to celebrate by reading a grown up book and bragging to Bella about it (no fur ball from her = not so grown up as me).

Unfortunately, it was the scariest book I’ve ever read, full of floating children, ghosts and monsters! I don’t think I will ever sleep again! 

Thanks a lot humans!  


8 thoughts on “A sleepless Night 

  1. EEEEK……that does look like a bit of a scary book but if you had your humans nearby you shouldn’t have been scared – after all you’re all grown up now right? First hairball means grown up? Well, I hope you had HAPPY dreams instead of scary ones. Congratulations on getting some more furniture….that bookshelf ought to be fun to climb around on!

    Hugs, Sammy

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