Dragon and Pony Pets

Good morning friends! We are pleased to say that our humans heeded our request and dashed out to stock up on new toys for us (as they should). I now have my pony pet and Bella has her dragon.

Unfortunately, they’re not quite right. Bella wanted a blue dragon and I don’t like the cold stare or inane smile of the pony. 

We have therefore decided that our old pet toys are just fine and have had great fun dragging Mr Prawn in and out of our newest box today.

A blue dragon please now humans oh and a pony without a silly smile. 

Have a good day all! 🙂 


13 thoughts on “Dragon and Pony Pets

  1. Dear kitties, it is not a difficult thing you are asking, and you would think that the humans could get this simple thing right, but it seems not. I hope that you will soon have the toys you desire and I agree, that pony’s stare is indeed cold, and may I say quite calculating! Not to be trusted at all xxx

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  2. Poor kitties……it would have been so easy for your humans to comply with your specific toy requests but you probably know by now that humans can’t be trusted with even the most SIMPLE of tasks! Let’s hope that the fact you’re ignoring the new toys will get the message across! At least Mr. Prawn is still fun to play with!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Dragons and ponies….in whose world….you think you could catch a dragon? Oh I see, S’cuse me for being so slow. The pony eats the draggin and then you only have to deal with the pony. The stupid look on his face probably means he’s not too bright so it will be easy to catch him and throw him away.


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