New toys needed

Good afternoon friends! We had a really nice evening with girl-woman the other night. The boy-man went out with his friends which meant that we were allowed into the bedroom.   

We had a great evening of sleeping and reading thrillers! 

Unfortunately we are in desperate need of new toy pets. We still love Mr Prawn and Chutney the hamster but they are a bit disheveled now and Chutney seems to have lost an eye some how. Very sad for him.


I have requested a new pet pony and Bella says she would like a dragon. Hopefully the humans will deliver them soon. 


13 thoughts on “New toys needed

  1. You girls make grand foot-warmers for girl-woman in bed. I bet she appreciated that a LOT. As for the condition of your toys – I think it’s time for some new stuff for your toybox. Definitely. Ponies and dragons sound like very good choices to me!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. It’s a bummer how badly made our toys are these days, I just pulled on a leg of my fat radish and it came right off in my mouth! I had to eat it of course….can’t leave legs lying around. Mom was getting a little anxious cause she feels toys are for playing with and not eating. Then buy better made toys, mom! Geesh! Never fear the leg came outta me and is now in the kitty litter. MOL


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  3. Does Girl Woman or Boy Man sew? If so, you should insist that they make your pony and dragon themselves. Sewing is great fun–lots of odds and ends to bat at and thread to chase. Even if the toys don’t turn out perfectly, the process of helping your humans will be bushels of fun!

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  4. B & E……yur peepulz willna noe any diffrunt….just tell em they mizzed national cat toy day { october 3rd } & its ther ree sponsa bill a tee two go out & buy that dragon & ponee…N scratchin post, cat tree, & generul over all…box oh goodz ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

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