Another Busy Week…

The humans eventually came back from Rotterdam and we showed our displeasure at being left behind with stern faces and angry glares. We managed to do this for two days:

By Wednesday they had learned their lesson so we forgave them and focused upon our latest career – plumbing and all plumbing related art work! We have discovered that we have a natural gift for this line of work and have been helpfully removing and checking all plugs in the house. The bonus is that all this gunky stuff comes out with the plugs too and we can then use it to redecorate each room – it’s so much fun. The humans have been their usual unappreciative selves but we are sure that they’ll soon come to love our new ‘Plug Art’ – it’s got quite a ring to it we think.

The rest of our week has been spent playing with our new favourite toys.

A stray fire stick:


Girl-woman’s ribbon decoration which we borrowed from her bedroom:

And bag in the bed which is very cosy!

As you can see, it’s been another busy week! 

Thankfully we still have our own sofa to relax on and catch up on our sleep!

Have a good week friends. Love from Bella and Esme xxx 


11 thoughts on “Another Busy Week…

  1. Well girls, I think you’re keeping yourselves quite well entertained. You certainly are able to keep busy around the house thereby keeping your girl-woman and boy-man busy trailing after your path of destruction! Love the bag-bed…….and I’m sure now that the plug gunk has been discovered, those plugs will be a LOT cleaner…………you’ve done them a favor showing them the problem. I do hope that you’re getting plenty of naps so you have enough energy for all these “projects” of yours!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. You two are so helpful to have around. Imagine, the peeps don’t have to hire a plumber…they have you two. Such expertise. It takes peeps awhile to understand our type of art. What is it they say? It’s an acquired taste! That’s it.


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  3. B & E….we due knot meen ta sound like sad …”sackz”….noe pun inn tended….but tell girl woman ore boy man ta cut thoze straps off that bag… ore cut em in half….ya due knot wanna get trapped by de handle….thoz bag handlez can get vizshuz …….β™₯β™₯β™₯

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