Left Behind…

Happy Sunday friends! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. We’ve been extremely busy helping out around the house as usual.

We started the week by finding (and stealing) a new paper bag to play with. It was apparently one of boy-man’s birthday gifts but the humans never seem to play with the bags so it’s only fair that we take them.

Then we discovered the dishwasher! This is an amazing cave of fun which the humans (annoyingly) feel is only for plates and other crockery. 

Obviously this is unfair so we have taken to helping them whenever they put things in it. I have to admit that I really like sitting at the very back of the dishwasher but the humans get very excitable when I refuse to come out.

Later in the week we developed a new night-time routine of meowing really loudly when we have pooped. Eventually girl-woman gets up and congratulates us and then we go back to bed. It’s nice to have a bit of attention in those early hours. 

On Friday, boy-man’s  birthday finally arrived and we were on hand to help him unwrap his presents!

It was a fun morning to start with but then it became a bit strained as the humans began to pack for our weekend away. Boy-man went to pack his favourite Hugo Boss shirt but when he discovered the improvements we had made he was very angry. It turns out that he did not want to have the ‘shredded look’ that we had carefully designed for him. Most ungrateful! 

We will add a photograph when he calms down – for now we dare not go near. In our opinion it does actually look much better now but each to their own.  

Matters where made worse later in the morning when boy-man left the kitchen door open during breakfast cooking time. We took this as a sign for us to join so we dived in and spent a happy few minutes eating the warming baked beans before he came back. He sort of exploded when he came back in and became very wavy and sweary. 

It turns out that he did not actually want us to join in and he was very upset that he couldn’t eat his beans. In our defense this was not true – there were plenty of beans left for him but he threw them away! Humans are odd! 

Anyway, he was so angry with us that he didn’t take us with him on his birthday weekend away. 😦 

This makes us very sad as we have never been to Rotterdam and were looking forwards to it 😦 

Instead, we are being looked after by Boy-Nathan and his mom. It’s been lots of fun and they’ve looked after us great but we do hope the humans come back soon! We are sorry now boy-man. We won’t redesign any more of your clothes or eat your beans again (well, for at least a week). 

Today we will stare out of windows and await the return of our humans. 

Love from Bella and Esme xx


9 thoughts on “Left Behind…

  1. One of these days your Boy-man will learn that you’re simply trying to be helpful! Making sure the dishwasher is safe for the dishes to be put into, redesigning Boy-man’s shirts, shredding bags and packages and helping to consume the beans that he probably made too much of anyway! Humans just don’t seem to understand that this is our way of showing our affection for them (and having fun).

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Dudes, what does boy want? You have to eat….might as well share his food. Well, the shirt….don’t think mom would be happy with my designing. Her taste is in the kit lit….not good at all but she THINKS she is presentable. Best sometimes to let it go. Kali often tells mom when she goes poo at 3:30 or so in the morning. Momis very happy when Kali yells at her and mom sees the poo. Whatever!! I’m not that way inclined. I’ll talk about more interesting things, like where’s my supper?


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  3. B & E !!! hay ewe gals…long time noe see…good ta see ya post again πŸ™‚
    we wanted ta say happee birthday late… two boy man…tho we R sorree him
    did knot apurrceiate all yur effortz in makin sure hiz day waz a happee one

    that happenz rund heer all de time two; like once we shoved sum food down
    de heet vent, sew when de heet kicked on de houz wood smell like rotten fish

    knead less ta say R effrotz went un apurrceiated az well….

    happee week a head πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯

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