Back into a Routine!

Good morning friends! After the shock of the humans returning to work full time, we are finally back into a good morning routine.

Our day begins at 5:50am when boy-man’s alarm goes off. This is when we start our frenzied attack on the bedroom door. After a few days of ignoring us and thinking we would stop, the humans have wisely relaxed their bedroom access rules and now just let us in. It’s the best choice they could make really considering that Bella has a blood curdling meow that she can keep going for at least 20 minutes.

Once we have gained access we all have an early morning cuddle and the obligatory game of chase and attacking of boy-man’s feet.


Today we also managed to pull all his Hugo Boss shirts off the hangers but this isn’t strictly part of the routine – it’s more of a bonus event really and it tends to make him really happy. Well, either really happy or really angry – it’s often hard to tell with boy-man. 
Once the bedroom cuddles are complete we then move onto feeding time (our favourite) and helping the humans get ready.

We’re not sure how they managed to get ready before they had us as there’s such a lot to do. First we help with footwear and clothing:

Then we help to pack work bags:

For some reason girl-woman’s squash racket now lives up with the bags. This is odd as it’s one of our favourite toys to play with and it’s much harder to get to up there.

Then we sometimes have time to do a bit of decorating – not always but we try our best:

After that it’s onto our favourite new chill-out zone to help the humans pack their lunches:

After all our help, the humans are finally on their way to work and we can settle down in our bestest bags and boxes for a well earned nap.
It’s not an easy routine but we are all slowly getting into the swing of things. 

Have great Fridays everyone! 

Love from Bella and Esme xxx


9 thoughts on “Back into a Routine!

  1. Well Girls, I don’t see how those humans of yours EVER did all that preparation for work without you there to snoopervise them. You’re SO helpful. Picking out their clothes, making sure they’re REALLY awake by biting toes, etc. I’m SURE they appreciate it ever so much and I further hope that you get treats to prove that they are LOST without you!

    Hugs, Sammy

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