The Humans Are Finally Forgiven

Good evening friends! After weeks of silence and seething anger towards the humans, our dissolvable stitches are almost gone and we have decided to forgive them and to begin writing again. 

Things have been a bit boring for the last few weeks to be honest. The humans are both at work full time now so we don’t see them enough really. When we do, they always seem surprised by how much we have grown. We are getting quite big now though and it can be tricky for us to both fit on boy-man’s lap.

In other news the humans have finally noticed that they are getting fat. We have been helpfully pointing it out for some time now and they seem to have reluctantly accepted it. They are now trying to get fit and lose their beer bellies and we are helping them every step of the way (of course). 

We are very good at smelling running trainers and helping to put them on:

We also offer excellent motivation when they plank! There is no better napping spot than under a planking, wobbly human and if they can’t hold their plank we get squished – sometimes our helpfulness amazes us! 

We are mainly getting in trouble for scratching the clothes at the moment (still no wardrobe – how long does it take to buy furniture!?).


Well, scratching clothes and playing in the cutlery drawer!

We think they must secretly like it when we get in this drawer though as they always empty it and play with all the cutlery in a sink full of bubbles afterwards – fun! 

Good night friends. We will try not to be away so long next time xxx



9 thoughts on “The Humans Are Finally Forgiven

  1. We are so happy you are back young ladies! Our Human Mommy is a bit pudgy, too, but we are at pains not to point it out to her. If she were just to start exercising, that would be fine, but humans frequently adopt a practice known as DIETING which inevitably has an unfortunate affect on the bacon and quality table scrap supplies. Be careful, ladies! Encourage your humans in their physical pursuits, but keep an eye on the food.

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  2. We’ve missed you girls but recovering from the indignities suffered at the hands of the evil vets and your “operations” takes time….you ARE growing up so quickly! Your Boy-man looks fit to us but then we have a 70-something year old OLD MAN to look at all day and he couldn’t plank if his life depended on it (but don’t tell him I said that).

    Hugs, Sammy

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