New Gifts

Good evening friends! Today has been a great Saturday as we’ve had two new presents! 

The first (and best one) is our new box! Boy-man got new trainers and gave us the box in the hope we would forgive him for the trip to the vets – we haven’t of course. He won’t let us scratch the new trainers which is a bit annoying but the box is lots of fun.


The second present is our new sofa. The humans were using it to sleep on before their new bed arrived but now it’s in the living room. They didn’t exactly give it to us but we have decided it should be ours and have claimed it. 

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! Love Bella and Esme xxx



17 thoughts on “New Gifts

  1. Well hello you two cuties! You have something NEW to lounge on………and a new box (which appears to already be suffering the consequences of being your new toy!). Fabulous. Now you can sit up on top of the couch and peek out the window. Great for naps too! Enjoy your weekend.

    Love, sammy

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  2. Excellent toys! The Box ix spectacular! Now yous will have lots of practice before the next International Box Day! And the sofa is something you can practice keeping your nails sharp on!
    Oh Yes, has yous guys started to practice for Meow Like Pirate Day? That’s coming in September.


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    • Hi Mary! Everything is fine – thanks for asking! Our humans have gone back to work and everything is super hectic now 😦 We are not sure if we have time to carry on with our blog. It was a fun summer project but now term has started it might not happen. Still deciding what to do xx


  3. So glad you two and your humans are ok ! After some of your “adventures” I was concerned ! Maybe you can update us once in awhile on holidays ! Take care !

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  4. Boxes are great fun and you both look so cute enjoying playing in and on that one. Well, of course the sofa is yours. We think the bed should be yours too. Hugs and nose kisses Mags, Popsy, Pooh and Chancy

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