New Bed & New (unfair) Rules

Good morning friends! The humans finally got some new furniture yesterday. Their new bed arrived and they were very excited about it. We were also very excited (naturally) but the humans made up new spiteful rules and banned us from the bedroom almost immediately! We are not allowed to explore the new bed.


To be honest we would make a bigger effort to resist it for them but they have hung one of those fabulous kitty light switch toys right above it and we just can’t resist it.


We are also apparently not allowed to sneak onto the bed when the humans go to the bathroom either. This is a shame as it’s easy to take advantage of them when they’re all sleepy.


When the bed was made this morning boy-man announced that kittens were definitely not allowed on the new bedding at all, no way, not ever! He even texted girl-woman after he’d left for work in case she had forgotten his rule. She hadn’t but then she did get distracted cooking breakfast so we snuck in for a while to play with the light switch toy.


What’s really offensive about these rules is that they are perfectly happy for the fat-headed, white, stuffed kitty to be in the bedroom, in fact she actually lives in there! This seems very unfair to us.

In other news, we had our meds for the last day today and are feeling much better since our operation. Well actually, Bella had both our meds for the last day today and is a little tripped out now; I really must notify the humans when she steals my food.

Anyway, we have been very busy, not only exploring the forbidden bed, but also comforting girl-woman. She and the boy-man fell out today because he accidentally took her key with him to work and locked her in the house. She had to cancel her hair appointment and her important coffee time with her best friend and was consequently very cross with boy-man. Being the one that feeds us, we are firmly on her side of course. Boy-man is a very bad person and it’s a good thing that he’s coming home and taking her out for lunch to say sorry. We shan’t be sympathising with him when he comes home either  because a) he never feeds us and b) girl-woman is always right.

Have good Fridays everyone, love from Bella and Esme xxx




15 thoughts on “New Bed & New (unfair) Rules

  1. Gosh girls….remember this…..”rules were made to be broken” (but don’t tell girl-woman or boy-man that we said that OK?). I think sitting on the fat-headed, white stuffed kitty’s head while playing with the string toy is a way to show that thing who’s boss around there. She has to stay stuffed between the pillows and you girls get to run around and get into all kinds of fun trouble every day! YAY!

    Love, Sammy

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    • That’s what we thought too Sammy! We plan to sit on her fat head everyday to show her who is in charge – good point about the running around too actually! X


  2. Hello kitties, the land of new bed is indeed a tempting land, and must of course be explored at every opportunity. After all, fat headed white kitty in in there! Girl-woman is naturally right at all times – this is a well known female rule the world over – we let the boy and man-humans THINK that they are in charge, when in reality, all girl and woman-humans make all decisions. Boy-human’s locking out of girl-human was unfortunate and will not be settled with one lunch time apology – this I know. It may well require new shoes and a handbag, who knows? Anyway kitties, happy bed explorations 😉 xxx

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    • Thanks sparkly-hippie woman! (Yes, we heard you had become a hippie!) I think the lunch out has already been increased to lunch and a shopping trip already! X


  3. Rules is made to be broken! And that bed looks like the purrfect place for kittens to bes! And let hope the boyman and the girlwoman get everything sorted out and yous gets to sleeps on the bed and shreds under the box spring!

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  4. B & E……ewe noe, therz a law … & itz in de cat …LAW BOOK… that reedz & we quote: “at noe time R bella & esme two bee banned frum any part oh said houz ore any part oh said fur nishingz in said houz…..failure ta comply with thiz law meens harsh …….”

    then it goes on ta say what kinda trubull yur peepulz can get in two… uz…itz werse than de trubull boy man iz in ~~~~ heerz two a stargazer sheatfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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  5. That does sound a bit unfair but I’m remembering the pic of man-human hand-feeding one or other of you and I think the odds are he can easily be worn down! That light switch is irresistible and the stuffed fat-headed catty thing needs to be shown who’s boss. Good luck, Bella and Esme! Go girls!

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