Friday Trouble

Good afternoon friends. We have sadly been in quite a lot of trouble today. Firstly, Bella and I made up a new a new game which we called ‘pulling the freshly washed towels onto the floor’

It’s great fun and it also promotes team work and cooperation (those towels are jolly heavy!) so we thought the humans would be happy. It turns out they were not and we got removed from the bathroom. This was unfair as the bathroom cats are now, no doubt, playing our game without us.

Then I decided to play hide and seek with a few items from girl-woman’s bag. This game did not make her happy either as her printer card is apparently “very important for work.” She hasn’t noticed the missing travel card yet and she’ll be hard pressed to find it where I’ve put it! 

Then Bella got into trouble for allegedly stopping girl-woman from reading. Bella says girl-woman is just very grumpy today as there wasn’t even a book in sight when she went to say hello.

Finally we got kicked out the kitchen (again) for eating the bubbles in the sink; Girl-woman thinks they are not healthy for us. 

Sometimes it’s just very tricky to stay out of trouble when you’re a kitten.

Ah well – Better luck tomorrow! Love from Bella and Esme xxx


18 thoughts on “Friday Trouble

  1. Oh you girls are reminding this old cat just how much FUN it is being a youngster…….there are so many things to do and you have each other to do them with! I was alone and had nobody to share the blame with when trouble came along…..Esme, how are you feeling? All recovered from your accident? I hope so!

    Have a fun weekend (OUT of trouble hopefully).
    Love, Sammy

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  2. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! Yous guys is even thinking up things mes NEVER ever would has thought of. Mes shall has to add “Bubble Eating” as an item in the Cat From Hell Manual (citing yous guys of course)

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  3. Your poor owner/girl-woman must never have a moment’s peace! I love the photo of you trying to get the towels off the rail! (But that is not an encouragement to do it again!) And I thought Purdey was mischievous. Do you two ever sleep? 🙂

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