The Crystal is Found!

Good afternoon friends! We are very happy to announce that the mysterious vanishing crystal has now returned. We found it safe and sound next to Mr Prawn this morning so we suspect he had borrowed it for a few days. We returned it to girl-woman (after a little play) and she was very happy.



She was so happy that she even let us have a little taste of her newly baked cookies! 🙂


Her good mood unfortunately didn’t last long though. On her way out to meet a friend she stepped on the acorn we put in her shoe the other day which made her a bit cross and then she discovered her new sunglasses and was really cross.


I would like to say that I do not know how the lens fell out of these sunglasses nor how they became cracked and split. I would also like to say that although I am sitting next to them here looking somewhat guilty, I, in fact never touched them and simply sat with them to offer my condolences. I also have no idea how they ended up at the bottom of the stairs.

After girl-woman left we went to see bathroom cat that Bella discovered yesterday. There are in fact, two bathroom cats and they live behind the sink, beyond the wall of glass. They don’t always appear together though and today just one turned up.


I do not like this bathroom cat. She stares at me all the time and has nothing original to do or say. In fact, she just copies everything I do. I spent a while trying to fight her but then I got cross and turned my back on her.


I will not be visiting bathroom cat again today. I do not like her attitude.

In other news we saw an interesting competition on the Katzenworld blog.


It’s the Pets in Windows competition! Everest will give £5 to the RSPCA (registered charity number 219099) for everyone who enters, up to a maximum of £5,000 so it’s well worth doing. You can enter online by clicking here. We are currently torn between our favourite day time and night time window pictures.



We’ll have to make our decision soon or perhaps we’ll just enter both! 🙂 Happy Thursday friends. Love Bella and Esme xxxx



19 thoughts on “The Crystal is Found!

  1. Glad the crystal came back…glad indeed that Mr Prawn took the wrap! Bathroom cat is weird…we have 4 here…and they are totally rude…just stare..plead the 5th on the sunglasses…AND do us a favour and beware that window photo…yikes
    !!! Loves Fozziemum xx

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  2. YAY! How nice that Mr. Prawn decided to confess and give up the green crystal he’d been hiding. Never trust a prawn. Bathroom cat is an odd phenomenon – I have one here too – or I used to anyway back in the days I could actually get UP on the counter to see him. Maybe he has moved on to bother someone else since it’s been over 10 years since I hopped up to visit him? Too bad your girl-woman’s sunglasses decided to fly down the stairs and break on their own. These things happen. Oh – and I think that look on your face isn’t one of guilt – it’s one of total innocence!

    Love, Sammy

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    • Never trust a prawn – The best advice we have received by far Sammy! Lots of people seem to have bathroom cats – it’s odd. Yes, I am innocent – thanks Sammy! Xx


  3. Mr Prawn is doing his best to makes yous guys even better cats from hell! If yous weants to drives your human nuts, walks through the sink to gets wet on your paws before yous fights with the cats in the glass. Yous can leaves some LOVELY art work for your humans!

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