Still no sign of the Missing Crystal

Hi friends! Despite searching everywhere girl-woman has still not located her missing green crystal. On the other paw she has found lots of other great missing items: 

Underneath the sofa were all these treasures! The missing piece of skirting board, the missing screw that we stole when boy-man was building something, an acorn, our space ship toy and numerous foil balls. You’d think these things would be enough for anyone but no, girl-woman says she must have her green crystal back. Bella would like me to say here that she does not know where it is and that she never touched it. 

Anyway, we’ve had a pretty busy day so far. First we joined in with a quick game of cards.

It was all going really well until Bella got a ‘Pass Go’ card. She really doesn’t like these cards so she started to eat it.


The humans then ended the game – they have very short attention spans. After that I showed them how well I am recovering by attacking Mr Lizard who had decided to sleep on my bed for some reason. 

Then after a long nap, Bella got us into trouble by playing with girl-woman’s necklace. It’s the one with the elephant dude on it (the one she never shares). Anyway, girl-woman said she couldn’t work with us in the room and we got relegated to the hall way 😦 

This was really unfair as a) it wasn’t me and b) girl-woman really should learn to share her possessions. 

Oh and c) you can see from the picture below that she’s actually really enjoying it!

Look at that for a happy human face! 

Right, we need to go now as Bella thinks she has found another cat in the bathroom! Will keep you posted.

Bye for now friends. Love Bella and Esme xxx


11 thoughts on “Still no sign of the Missing Crystal

  1. Hmm…….the missing crystal is still missing huh? Maybe it got pushed (accidentally of course) into that toilet or the sink? I bet it turns up EVENTUALLY…..somewhere where you least expect it! Think of it as a game………”Hunt for the Missing Crystal” !

    Hugs, Sammy

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