The Mysterious Case of the Missing Crystal…

Good afternoon friends! Today we are mainly in trouble because of this: 


All we can say is that it wasn’t us and we don’t know how it happened. 

Bella is also in trouble for discovering girl-woman’s chakra crystal set:

It turns out that there’s a whole new shelf up above the toilet! Bella says she didn’t actually touch the crystals, she just found them and sniffed them a bit. Apparently the pale green one is now missing and girl-woman seems to think we are to blame! 

We have no idea where the missing crystal is but perhaps it’s with our missing toy mouse. Hopefully girl-woman will find them soon πŸ™‚  

Happy Tuesday, love Bella and Esme xxx 


12 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Crystal…

  1. Uhoh………well, this made my Mom giggle because one thing she learned very quickly when I arrived on the scene here almost 16 years ago as a 6-week old kitten was to put EVERYTHING she cared about AWAY…..HAHAHA……still, I always managed to find SOMETHING to steal/explore/lick/eat/play with. Here’s hoping that you ladies can stay out of trouble today (hope springs eternal!).

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Oh no! I am still traumatised by the last episodes! Where is the green crystal? Were either of you meditating on it? It seems you (or obviously the wicked prawn) can’t be left alone for five minutes!

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