Chopping Board Fun!

Good afternoon friends! We had a great start to the day and didn’t even get into trouble until after lunch! We decided to help girl-woman with her cleaning this morning. First we helped with the ironing:


Then we helped to put away her new squash racket:


After that things started to go a little wrong. We were busy supporting her with some work she was doing on the laptop when she got all annoyed for absolutely no reason!


Once she spoke to boy-man though she relaxed a little and said she was going to buy us a laptop of our very own – it’s apparently especially for kitties! We can’t wait!


After helping with the typing we headed into the kitchen to help wash up:



We were busy catching bubbles when Bella suddenly discovered the joy that is the chopping board!




She really loves that chopping board! Anyway, girl-woman went sort of crazy and told us both off a lot and said we were not allowed in the kitchen for the rest of the day. This was a sad moment but we consoled ourselves by removing the inner part of her skate shoe and replacing it with an acorn we had found.



This will be a nice surprise for her next time she puts them on! 🙂 Acorns are such fun! Anyway, gotta go – think the kitchen door just opened and Bella has a date with the chopping board!

Love from Bella and Esme xxx




16 thoughts on “Chopping Board Fun!

  1. Well a day without any disasters (!) is a GOOD day! Cutting boards are quite comfy though so I understand having discovered that, it might be a favorite spot BUTTTT obviously girl-woman isn’t too thrilled about it (or the skate shoe but she doesn’t know about THAT one yet!). We love that cat laptop – what a brilliant idea. Some people are SOOOO clever – just like you two!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. B & E…..furst off…hope ewe iz doin veree well esme…..thurd….bella, we hope ther waz sum perch on the choppin board coz afturr rollin on it; ewe will smell dee vine !!!! 🙂 we gived yur videe oh…984 paws UP for actshun ~~~ ♥♥♥

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  3. Be careful on the chopping board Bella! We don’t know about your Girl Woman, but our Human Mommy is a super clumsy cook. (She frequently nicks her fingers when she’s trying to dice veggies.) Mind your tail–you wouldn’t want to lose an inch while your Girl Woman is chopping on her wooden board.

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