Plenty of Rest

Morning all! Esme still needs lots of rest and isn’t allowed to play very much so the humans have removed all our most favourite run around toys.

This morning we found a penny though and we were allowed to play with it (calmly). It’s not actually a penny here in Europe, it’s a cent but the humans insist on using their Englishy coin names! 

We also found a fun blog hoppy arty page so thought we would contribute our own picture! 

It’s the first time we’ve joined in with one of these – check it out here:

Lots of love Bella and Esme xxx


15 thoughts on “Plenty of Rest

    • No not yet, we are starting to fear that there is none in the house! The humans always buy lots after payday though and that’s just around the corner so paws crossed! x


  1. We are all SOOOOO happy to read that Esme is home and getting better and better. No fun to have a “resting box” but if it gets changed to a “wrestling box” soon, that’s worth it, right?

    More purrrrrrsssss and prayers and {{{{hugs}}}} for you all as Esme continues to get well!

    Love ~ Marilynn, Grace and boys

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