The Benefits of Falling out of Windows

Good morning friends. As you know, I accidentally fell out of the window yesterday and ended up at emergency-vet lady’s place. Thank you all so much for your wonderfully kind words, thoughts and prayers – they definitely worked as I am already home and on the mend!


After an initial chill out session in boy-man’s shorts we quickly discovered the numerous benefits to falling out of the window. Although I can’t quite breath properly yet and my head and chest really hurt, I can eat as much tuna as I like and the humans are letting us do whatever we want! They also think that everything we do at the moment is amazing. If I use the toilet I get lots of “clever Esme” and “you’re such a good kitty” and “would you like some tuna?” (yes) and if Bella walks past me and gives me the customary lick of friendship she gets “oh you’re so kind Bella” and “look at you looking after your sister” and “would you like some tuna?” (yes – always). We can also sleep wherever we like. If we want to sleep together on the sofa and the humans are in the way, they get right up, fuss us and then sit somewhere else. Yes, all this attention is very good.

The downside is that I am not supposed to play. This is very tricky for a kitten as it’s my favourite thing to do. Girl-woman has even changed our usual box of wrestling to a box of resting which is not nearly as fun 😦


On the other paw, all the sleeping and fussing is very nice. I suppose I can put up with it for a few days and I have to admit that we did both had a very lovely evening of cuddles and sleeps last night.



Today we are continuing to enjoy all the attention and are sending the humans many bacon related vibes as bacon would really help me to make a speedy recovery.


Lots of love, Bella and Esme xxx



12 thoughts on “The Benefits of Falling out of Windows

  1. Hi Bella and Esme, Thanks for following The Hazel Tree! Wow, what a stressful few days for you both, and your owners. Hoping that Esme is now on the mend! You are both beautiful. I’ll post some pics of my own cat, Purdey, every now and again. Meanwhile best wishes and hugs to you both. Jo

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  2. Well who knew there would be benefits to having a tumble out a window?! You look like you’re recovering quickly as only a kitten would do Esme……and you look better today than in the photo yesterday as well. I love your “box of resting” – you need to do that even though you ARE a kitten and kittens are crazy usually. Take it easy – enjoy the extra spoiling and indeed bacon DOES have amazing healing powers so I’m alllllllllllllllllllll for that!!!! 🙂

    Love, Sammy

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  3. Esme….frank lee, we think ewe could get even MOR a ten shun if ewe like did a dance ore sum thin ya noe….stay a way frum de windows pleez & thanx

    & YES…rest iz good…sew iz toona…sew iz bacon…sew wood be a toona stuffed with bacon 🙂

    pleez say meow two bella

    heerz two an icefish inanga kinda week oh end ~~ ♥♥♥

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  4. Yous is doing most excellent! Now mes has some Cat From Hell lessons for yous…Once your human starts trying to gives yous Cat Food again….There is
    THE SMELL OF HELL: Wander over to the food your humans has just put out. Stretch your neck out and smell it. Then look up at them with that look that says, “what is this rubbish? Where is the Tuna?”
    Honest…it works!

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