I’m Home!

Hi friends. Thank you so much for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers. 

After accidentally falling out of a pretty high window, I spent the morning with emergency vet-lady. Usually I hate the vets but I felt so bad that I didn’t mind so much.

I’ve had X-rays and injections and am feeling a little better now although I have a way to go until I recover fully. 

I have a fractured sternum, collapsed lungs and a big bump over my eye but I should be all better in a few weeks. 

It’s nice to be back home with Bella and the humans again and I’m looking forwards to lots of sleep now.

Lots of love and thanks from Esme, Bella and the humans xxxx


32 thoughts on “I’m Home!

  1. Oh we are so sorry that you fell Esme, but we sure are glad that you are home now. We sure do send tons of purrs for your full recovery. You two are just too cute and don’t let anyone tell you that you kittens are bad. You just love having fun.

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  2. Yay, so happy to see you home again, even though you are still in the wars. I think now would be a good time to ask for as much tuna as you can both eat. Speedy recovery Esme xxx

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  3. Oh my goodness! Fractured sternum? Collapsed lungs? Sounds very serious little one…..I’m sure you need lots of rest – fortunately young bones heal faster than for us old kitties. I’m sending you lots of hugs…..but very SOFT ones so I don’t hurt you. I know that Bella is very happy you’re back. We are too.

    Love, Sammy

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  4. Oh Esme! It is so good that yous is feeling better! When mes was little, mes falled off a balcony and had lots of ouchies too. It was before mes comed to lives at my forever home. Mes KNOWS yous will feels better soon and will bes back to becoming a great Cat From Hell!

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  5. Esme…YAY that ewe iz home…..but we iz sorree yur inn sidez R hurting….

    we will pree tend like we R yur cat mom & dadz & say…noe runnin, noe jumpin, noe chasin afturr stuff, noe standin on chair bax, noe burd, noe pizza pie til ya feel better…..

    we noe yur peepulz & yur sisturrr iz way happee ya getted to come home; chillax & take it easee N we will ask R rockin awesum pal St Francis ta help ewe heel & bee well ♥♥♥

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  6. We are glad yous be home and gettin’ better. Open windows even wiff scweens awe always dangerwous speshully fur kittens, but even fur us older kitties. Glad yous wasn’t hurt any worse and weez sendin’ purrayers and hugs fur all of ya’ and extwas fur you Esme.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  7. We are so happy you are getting better Esme! Take your time recuperating and let your humans spoil you. It’s scary to fall through a window. Miss Lily fell through a second story window once, but fortunately a bush broke her fall, but unfortunately it took our human mommy a super long time to figure out what had happened, but fortunately when our human mommy finally put things together Miss Lily had already proven that she was intact, thus avoiding a trip to the vet. You are lucky to have your humans–they reacted quickly to your predicament. Enjoy your recuperation–you can get just about anything out of your humans right now, including but not limited to open cupboards, open cans of wet food, and carte Blanche to do just about whatever you please so long as it does not involve any kind of physical danger. Be sure to give your humans and sister lots of purrs and cuddles, as they were all just as rattled as you.


    Finnegan, Lily, Amber, Quicksilver, Phelps, Darth Vader, and Charlie

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  8. How scary that must have been, Esme. We are sorry you fell, and that you got hurt, but we’re so glad to hear you are home. And that you will be okay. Purrs and prayers of healing and peace to you and your family.

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