Birthday Gifts and Train Rides

Good morning friends and a very happy Wednesday! Yesterday afternoon we had another exciting parcel arrive. It contained lots more goodies for boy-man’s birthday. Naturally we helped girl-woman to unwrap the gifts.


Right at the bottom, underneath boy-man’s gifts there was a little something for girl-woman too. She has a sensible policy about never ordering items purely for other people and always orders a little gift for herself.



This time is was her mamma’s new book! Gozo; Is The Grass Greener?


We have only read up to chapter six so far but it has had us rolling around laughing and we can definitely recommend it! Click on the picture above if you’re interested in buying a copy! 🙂

The box and crinkly wrapping paper were our presents of course and we had lots of fun with them!


We also invented a new game called ‘trains’ where we ride around the living room on the crinkly paper.

To be honest boy-man is the best at pulling the train as he is less bothered about silly things like safety and goes much quicker than girl-woman.


We spent the rest of yesterday surfing the internet and came across this most excellent looking film! We’re a little disappointed not to have been offered parts in it but it still looks rather good!

Fat, chicken eating kitty is our favourite! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts and Train Rides

  1. Good morning kitties, thank you so much for the endorsement of my new book, which girl-woman ordered. I am so pleased that girl-woman is enjoying it and that it is making her laugh 🙂 boy-human’s trains definitely look far more exciting than girl-woman’s but I have to admit, she gets her heightened sense of safety from me! We are off on a 2 day house hunt, no not a mouse hunt, which would be far better I’m sure, but a house hunt. Happy Wednesday kitties xxxx

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  2. Girl-woman’s Mom’s book looks adorable…….but I do agree that the packing and box were incredibly fun! Boy-man’s train was a BIG HIT for sure…..crinkly paper is THE BEST. The video was hilarious – Mom and I were giggling all the way through it (and Mom was having coffee at the time so there may have been a bit of coffee spilled during the giggling part). Have a FUN day girls!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Your Girl-woman’s Mom’s book looks PAWSOME!!!! Mes too loves boxes and crinkly paper, but mes never played train and that new Movie…mes can’t waits to sees it, mes sure mes will gets some great new ideas for things to do!
    Keeps up the good work Kitties!!!

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  4. B & E……nothin beetz crinklee paper anda grate box less yur talkin trout seered over an open flame……happee birthday two boy man, yur grammeez book lookz awesum & thanx for sharin yur train tipz…..we sew hafta get de food servizz gurl ta try thiz round heer !! 🙂 ♥♥

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