Spare Room Exploration

Good morning friends! Today we have ventured deep into the land of spare room, travelled between the dangerous bars of drying rack and faced the fear of ironing board head on. At the very back of the room just beyond spare chairs, old suitcase and never ending pile of ironing we found the most amazing new toy! The dangling light switch of wonder!

We have not yet managed to pull it down completely but we are confident that we will. You can watch our brave efforts to capture the switch below.

Did you notice the blue thing hanging on the back of the chair? That is boy-man’s suit. He hangs it there to ‘keep it safe from the kittens’. He will be thrilled to see this video – see how well we climbed your suit boy-man?

We are always being helpful to boy-man. It’s what makes him love us so much. Yesterday we helped him to fix up girl-woman’s bike.


Anyway, we are very busy and must capture this light switch before dark. Happy exploring friends! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Spare Room Exploration

  1. WOW…now that is a fabulous toy you found in the spare room (I’m referring to the light cord not boy-man’s suit)…………I think this room will be one of your favorite spots to play (at least until someone move that chair!!!!!!).

    Hugs, Sammy

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