Kittens Love Cookery

Happy Saturday everyone! We are pleased to say that the disgrace of yesterday is already long forgotten! 

The humans went to play at the beach and because they have tiny brains they had forgotten all about our naughtiness by the time they came home. 

We were therefore, allowed back into all rooms and they even put on a cooking programme – The Hairy Bikers! 

We all know that cats are excellent cooks so if you haven’t seen this programme you really should. Today we learned how to bake a French brioche! 

This guy is our favourite! 

Have a wonderful Saturday – we hope to be spending ours in the kitchen!



2 thoughts on “Kittens Love Cookery

  1. So glad the humans have forgotten the “issues” that got you girls into trouble….life goes on! We don’t know about that show here in Virginia BUT it looks quite fun – cooking shows always have a lot of action and movement and I quite like that kind of thing myself……when football season begins here, I watch it because of all those crazy humans running in all directions and the ball flying through the air. Some TV is truly cat-worthy!

    Hugs, Sammy

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