Friday Trouble

Just a short blog today as we are in disgrace and not allowed much computer time 😦 

The morning initially started well and we were only in small trouble for the stealing and breakage of girl-woman’s foot pumice device thingy.

This was ok though, she thought it was cute and everything was fine until we attacked her new (super expensive) hair straighteners. 

In our defense we thought the straighteners were a tiny, two legged zebra of some sort. We didn’t give our permission for a zebra to come live with us so naturally, we attacked it. We may have gotten away without too much trouble as well but as we wrestled it to the floor, girl-woman’s new necklace also fell down. 
This was a gift from Helen-lady and girl woman loves it. It’s got the elephant-headed Ganesh God that she wanted on it and to be honest she hasn’t been very sharing with it so far. 

The fact that elephant-headed God came to play with us is a clear sign that she should share him more! 

Unfortunately girl-woman did not see it that way when she caught Bella with him in her mouth. We are now not allowed any bedroom, kitchen or balcony play time at all for the rest of the day. 

Sad times 😦


5 thoughts on “Friday Trouble

  1. Uhoh….sorry you girls are in trouble YET AGAIN…..I guess that hair straightener thing was supposed to be off limits? Purrrrhaps it should be in a drawer where you can’t get to it ??? My rule has always been if it’s OUT where I can grab it – it’s MINE MINE MINE!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Sigh – oh kitties, I am so sorry to hear about the Elephant God necklace incident – it is almost on a par with the dead grandma necklace, but not quite as serious. As for the 2 legged zebra entering your home, who wouldn’t react as you did and attack it? I cannot find fault in your actions today kitties, you acted in self-defense and I’m sure any jury would see it that way too. FYI, girl-woman was never that great at sharing – ask her about the bunnies in a bed cake 🙂 xxx

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