BBQ Fun!

Good morning everyone! Last night we were mainly in trouble for breaking the human’s one and only lamp. In my defense, if girl-woman had taken me down instead of photographing me, the lamp would probably still be with us. It was really very fragile so I hope they invest in something more sturdy next time round. A good lesson learned for the humans we think.


In other news, the humans have actually purchased an item of furniture! Wonders never cease! A new (interesting smelling) TV unit has arrived from some second hand shop. We naturally helped boy-man to set everything up…



After that we set about exploring it. It’s not bad but we still prefer the bedroom – much more plucky.



Last night the humans also had a BBQ. We are never allowed to attend BBQs as girl-woman has a fear of us being burnt. Anyway, boy-man insisted we would be fine and we were! We observed from a safe distance…


Played with some wood and a fork…



Kept ourselves warm…


And then got rudely removed for tasting some BBQ snacks…


Humans can be so strict about these things! Happy Tuesday everyone.

Love Bella and Esme xx



5 thoughts on “BBQ Fun!

  1. Never a dull moment with you ladies is there?! Too bad about the lamp but perhaps something more sturdy is a good idea! That TV table looks like a fun spot to camp out though……..and at least you were invited to the BBQ this time – I bet you girls will get to do that again since you ALMOST behaved!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Life is fun!!! And yous guys is proving it! Too bad about being “removed” for the food tasting though. Humans can bes so unfair!

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  3. B & E… like next time ewe R knot a loud ta sampull any barbee qued goodz, we think sum thin else shuld be broken…by axe a dent oh course…,may bee that new tee vee kneads a good knocking over…….just sayin~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥

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