Toilet Fun!

Happy Sunday friends!



After a lazy morning lamenting the loss of our latest visitors and helping girl-woman with her computer jobs we discovered how much fun the toilet room really is! We go in there all the time of course but we’ve never gone any higher than the floor before. This afternoon we’ve been exploring the sink and the toilet – who knew how much fun this would be!?



This is clearly the world’s smallest sink and not meant for the washing of hands but for kittens to sit in! The open toilet was even more exciting than the closed toilet!





Unfortunately, at this point girl-woman got worried that we might drown and made us play in the living room again. We look forwards to exploring the toilet another time though! Have wonderful days everyone!


Love Bella and Esme xxx


6 thoughts on “Toilet Fun!

  1. Oh I do believe that sink is a personal kitty fountain – certainly can’t wash hands in that! The toilet can be fun too but once in a while it’s NOT so much fun……like if a human forgets to push that handle thingie to make it go WHOSH after they’ve used it! EEEEK! Be careful – actually this may be the perfect time for your girl-woman to mention casually to boy-man that the LID SHOULD BE DOWN AT ALL TIMES (tee hee).

    Love, Sam

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