More Visitors

Good evening all. We’ve had a very busy week with our latest visitors! Boy-man’s father-man and his wifey, Helen, came to visit.


They are lovely people, especially Helen-woman who brought gifts for us! She bought some rather boring gifts for the humans which they thought were amazing:


But then she bought some really excellent gifts for us. Firstly there was the wrapping paper:



That was great fun to play with. Then there were the actual gifts. Chutney the hamster and Mr Prawn. We love them both so much, especially Mr Prawn who rattles really well when you pull his tail.




All the extra excitement has made us rather sleepy though so we plan on spending the rest of the day like this:



We’ll write more once fully rested. Good weekend everyone! πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “More Visitors

  1. Oh girls you are EVER so cute! How nice all of you got presents from boy-man’s parents! YAY! Your new toys look like lots of fun…..but like you, my favorite thing is TISSUE PAPER!!!!!! It’s better usually than whatever it was wrapping up. It’s tiring though having so much fun – looks like you found a VERY nice spot for a snooze! Enjoy!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. What excellent gifts! Especially the wrapping paper! Makes sure that yous plays with it in the bedroom in the middle of the night! Mes suggests yous drags it under the bed, then wrestles with it (and each other, then, once yous woken the peoples, plays great thundering herd up and down the hall!

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    • Great thundering herd up and down the hall way is one of our favourites! How did you know!? Your humans must love it too! x


  3. B & E….inn deed a grate week wuz had bye all…now if could get boy mans peepulz over like say…everee other weekend …think of de TOYS TOYS TOYS & TISSUE TISSUE TISSUE…

    it wood be like Christmas in joo lie,august,september, october, november ….til Christmas waz act shoo a lee heer !!
    HOORAY ~~~~~ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯


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