Chocolate Brownies…

Happy Tuesday friends! We had an excellent Monday night followed by a fantastic Tuesday morning! Last night girl-woman made chocolate brownies. They were wonderful smelling but she was mean and said they were definitely not for kittens.  Fortunately we persuaded boy-man to change his mind!



After all the brownie eating I decided to sleep in my new favourite windowsill. We have lots of windowsills in our apartment and I am allowed to sleep in all of them apart from this one which is rather unfair. This particular windowsill contains the bear of pooh and all his friends. I like to sleep in amongst them and dream of the 100 acre wood.




This morning we were allowed in the kitchen again. I say again as the humans had previously banned us after they discovered we were pooping under the units. They now think we are too big to fit under them so we are allowed in again. We had great fun playing with automatic bin again and showing him who’s boss!




After that we explored the washing machine…

IMG_1671Girl-woman is now busy ‘writing’ again so we have stolen one of her post-it notes and plan to play with that and our favourite box for the rest of the day.  It’s a busy life!



3 thoughts on “Chocolate Brownies…

  1. Now girls…..girl-woman knows chocolate is NOT good for kitties or pups so even though you got a tiny taste from boy-man, you shouldn’t have any more OK? As for FUN – glad you have lots of ledges – they are nice napping spots while you’re little but may be a bit of a problem as you get BIGGER! I’m happy you have been allowed back into the kitchen though where that automatic bin is and so many other fun things are located………………….Above all remember – POOP IS FOR LITTERBOXES ONLY!

    Love, Sammy

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  2. B& E….yay !!! 🙂 ..we gived yur mewvie 984 paws UP for actshun actshun actshun….N can ya sends sum oh that energeez R way……ah….ta bee a kitten again….most movement we get round heer iz flippin sidez while nappin…. 🙂

    N dont start likin chocolate…. coz itz way bad for catz….like goin two de vetz kinda bad…….

    yea…that kinda bad ~ well, may bee knot THAT kinda bad…but az close az like thiz ___ kinda bad


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