Favourite Toys

Good morning friends! After a relaxing weekend of sleeping on our favourite green trousers we are back to work again, playing with our toys.


The humans are very kind and buy us many toys from the pet shop. Girl-woman likes us to keep them all neat on our scratching post. Here we have bright, plastic mini space ships, no-eyes mouse and toy ball with feathers.


The problem is that we don’t really care for these toys. They aren’t that much fun and were clearly not designed by kittens. Our favourite toys are:

Third Place) Cupboards – You just can’t beat a cupboard to play with. They’re so much fun to try and sneak into and once inside there are so many things to play with! This morning we managed to get into the pan cupboard unnoticed and spent a happy 10 minutes inside before Bella tipped a pan over and we were heard. Girl-woman was so happy with us that she decided to wash everything inside the cupboard ready for next time:


Second Place) The internet cable – It’s great fun to pull the internet cable out. The humans watch everything via the internet so if they don’t pay us enough attention we pull the cable out. The message on the TV should read ‘It appears you internet is not available at this time because your clever kittens have pulled the wires out yet again. Please play with them now.’


First Place) Our number one favourite toy of all time is foil ball! Boy-man makes these for us out of chocolate wrappers and they are by far the bestest toy available.




We chase them all around the house and carry them everywhere in our mouths. We run up and down stairs with them too which is very cute of us. Girl-woman is desperately trying to get it on film but we won’t perform for the camera much to her frustration.

Happy Monday all!



6 thoughts on “Favourite Toys

  1. Oh yes kittens…….foil balls were MY favorite toy when I was your age. Also balls of regular paper – which I would fetch if Mom threw them across the room. I would bring it back so she’d do AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND…..well you know what I mean. Cupboards have lots of interesting things in them but can be noisy too if we poke something we shouldn’t. One of my current favorite toys is an old wooden spoon my Mom gave me when she got some new ones for the kitchen recently. I quite like it !

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. B & E…..grate toy choizes inn deed….& if we may toss in another…yur own cat litterz….thatz rite !!! ewe can toss it… fling it…. make sand castles …….tip it outta de box ….trak it like EVEREE wear…..itz grate ~~~

    pee ezz…we cracked UP bout de noe tiss de cable companee sended cross yur tee and vee šŸ™‚ good one !!

    happee day ~~~~ ā™„ā™„

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