All is Forgiven…

After the horror of yesterday’s vet-man visit and our consequent anger we have been enjoying some much-needed relaxation time. Being one of our favourite places, we chose to relax in boy-man’s boxer shorts again and we didn’t get into any trouble at all – the humans are still grovelling after the vet visit.


After an afternoon of revenge planning, girl-woman interrupted us by dancing past in a pair of pale green, floating trousers! They were most distracting with tassels and gold shiny sparkles all over them. We forgot about our vet anger and decided to forgive her and play with her new trousers instead. After all, we are not planning on going back to vets ever again and we know girl-woman was only trying to help.


Anyway, we are all loving the new green trousers. Girl-woman calls them her Princess Jasmine pants and seems to think that by wearing them she looks like a Disney princess.


Anyway, after an afternoon of chasing green, dangling tassels we supported girl-woman in her argument to get a figure of Ganesh for the bathroom. Since starting the yoga she’s gone more hippie-ish than usual and now feels that she needs the elephant-headed God to sit alongside her many oil and incense burners. Boy-man feels that there is enough ‘tree-hugging, wooden, hippie crap’ in there already but we disagree. Mainly because girl-woman feeds us (and it’s always important to take the feeder’s side in an argument) but also because Ganesh looks like the type of guy who might be fun to play with. Boy-man continues to say ‘no’ which means that Ganesh will probably be joining us shortly. We’re looking forwards to playing with him.


In other news today, we helped girl-woman empty the bin. This is usually a straight-forward job of tripping her up a lot and trying to scratch the bag as she pulls it out and ties it up. Today however, she put the bin lid on the floor and it became possessed and started to attack us. She said not to worry and that it was only ‘automatic‘ but we are a little concerned about it none the less. See for yourself here:

Happy weekend friends!


6 thoughts on “All is Forgiven…

  1. Gosh girls, you have so many new and interesting things happening around you! Green pants with tassels sound like FUN….although I bet your girl-woman is NOT going to like any claw marks on them…….the Ganesh in the bathroom would be fun though – I’d love to have an elephant to play with – who wouldn’t?!?! That automatic bin top is just a bit scary as you two are so small… would be scary to be trapped under it but a fun game trying to avoid entrapment. See? Like I told you before, there’s NEVER a dull moment when you’re a kitten!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. Mes glad yous puting the vet behind yous. But be warned, yous will be going there again! And mes wishes my Mommy would get pants like that…they sound like fun!
    Oh yeah! Wes used to has a Ganesh….mes played with him and now he is gone.

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