A Day of Outstanding Behaviour

Good evening friends! It’s been hard for us to get on the laptop today as girl-woman has decided to write a book (sigh) so is hogging the computer to herself. Her mamma (Freya Barrington) just released her second book so we think it has inspired girl-woman to try and become a writer too.  She will no doubt stick at it in total dedication for a few days before dropping it for her next project. Girl-woman is excellent at starting things but not so very good at finishing them. We’re starting to think she may have ADHD or something. Her mamma’s book looks very exciting though, we bought it today and look forwards to reading it!



In other news we have had a day of excellent behaviour. Here we are being perfect, sitting calmly and boringly under the table (rubbish pictures with our heads cut off courtesy of girl-woman):

IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1585

We decided to be super good to treat girl-woman but it seemed to freak her out rather than relax her. She kept asking us if we were alright, if we felt ill and then began searching for ‘signs of depression in cats’ on the internet. In the end we had to give up our outstanding behaviour and began to explore the shopping bags noisily just to calm her down.


This return to our usual, inquisitive selves seemed to relax her and when we caught and killed a spider of pure evil – well, she thought we were heroines!


It turns out that before Den Haag, the humans used to live on some sort of island. It doesn’t sound like they had a good time as they mainly had to eat rice and their house was filled with huge spiders and other tropical bugs. Girl-woman swears she didn’t sleep for a year on account of the poisonous spiders which kept visiting her bedroom. Anyway, after we killed the aforementioned evil spider we were treated to tuna, lots of tuna! We plan to find and kill more spiders as it makes girl-woman so very happy. We are going to search the whole house for them tonight and drop them onto her bed in the morning as a surprise. We’ll hopefully get lots of tuna then!

Only one more sleep until Vets now – so exciting! We will let you know how it goes tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “A Day of Outstanding Behaviour

  1. Oh Girls, your Mom’s Mom’s book sounds way cool – we will have to check it out! My Mom has written a mystery novel and two childrens books and let me tell you, it’s not easy living with a writer. They get cranky and upset and it’s sometimes unpleasant being around them UNLESS everything is going right – in which case there will be lots of treats for everyone! Bravo for you murdering a spider! Be careful they don’t BITE you though – be first to put the BITEY on them before they put the BITEY on you. As for gathering a bunch of them and putting them on girl-woman’s bed as a surprise? Not sure that’s a terribly good idea – but go for it – you can get away with a lotta stuff since you’re adorable!

    Love, Sammy

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    • Oh wow! What are your mom’s books? We will check them out – always like to read new authors! At least she has you when she gets cranky Sammy! X


  2. B & E…how rockin awesum that yur gram ma ritez books……we will sneek over ta amazon bee fore de food serviss gurl getz home & chex em out !!! N conga rats on killin that taran toola…which in english iz tarantula bye de way…..we noe girl woman was mega happee knot ta hafta wake up & like see it on de ceeling & wunder if it wuz gonna attempt may ham…like de food gurl heer doez ♥♥♥

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  3. Spider Killers!!! Yous guys has discovered the fountain of treats! From now on, when yous caught climbing the Shower Curtain, yous killing the spiders in the shower before they can gets your peoples, caught in a cupboard, slaughtering spiders,…
    Rock on Kittens!!!

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  4. Dearest Kitties, I must apologise for taking so long to respond to your blog, where you so kindly mention my new book. This is very remiss of me. Anyway, I hope I am forgiven – I am busy writing yet another book, and so have been very busy. However, I always make time to read your blogs, so don’t think I’m neglecting you, even if I don’t send you a message. Happy Saturday xxxx

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