More Trouble….

Hello friends! We are beginning to feel like we should start each blog with ‘Today we are in trouble because…’

It does feel like we are always in trouble but it’s really not our fault that the humans have so many ridiculous rules! Today we have been in trouble for helping out in the bathroom, creating more art work and for playing with the dead-grandma beads. All of which were just misunderstandings really.

It all started this morning when we decided to help boy-man out with his morning shower routine. We can now get into the sink to help with his shave but he wasn’t at all appreciative. We are starting to think that we might not help him in the mornings anymore – only kidding boy-man, we will ALWAYS be there to help you get ready for work! 🙂


After the bathroom helpfulness we sneaked into the sleeping room and decorated it ready for when girl-woman woke up.



Naturally, she was thrilled but sadly still cleaned it away quite quickly. We didn’t mind though as we had a surprise waiting in the hall – some poop art! Early this morning, Bella discovered that we could use poop to artistic effect in the hallway. Girl-woman was most ungrateful for this gift though. We thought she hadn’t been keen on the egg-yolk art but she really, REALLY disliked the poop art and relegated us into the kitchen whilst she cleaned it up – again, no photos were taken 😦

She ate her breakfast in a closed room after that so no chance of us tasting the boiled egg today – Sammy told us it’s quite tasty so we were looking forwards to that. After saying she needed some ‘space’ and telling us to ‘behave or else’ girl-woman went for a jog.

She came back in a much better mood and only got a little cross when we played with her jogging clothes. In our defense, she does leave them in the hall way while she showers so what else does she expect?


After so much morning fun we decided to leave girl-woman whilst she did boring jobs and went off to find something to play with. In one of the forbidden boxes we found a most excellent set of beads! We had never seen these before and they were great fun to play with!





Once we got them onto the floor we discovered that they made wonderful, loud, clunking noises so we picked them up and dropped them a lot. Girl-woman heard the beautiful noises and came to see what new game we were playing. She was not very happy to discover that we had taken the beads from the forbidden box. Apparently they belonged to her grandma who died some time ago. Personally, we think grandma would like the fact that her beads are being played with, it’s not like girl-woman ever wears them, in fact, we bet she is laughing about it right now.

Anyway, we pretended to be sorry and hid behind a snowboard. This always makes girl-woman feel guilty and she soon came to give us a hug. She is now happy again and we plan on being extra cute this afternoon and have promised to stay out of trouble.



6 thoughts on “More Trouble….

  1. Oh girls – staying out of trouble is VERY tough when you’re little……the world is a big place with so many things to play with and experiment with (like beads and toilet paper)……every day is an adventure. I’m glad your humans are somewhat understanding of this although sometimes it’s hard (my Mom said I was a little monster when I was your age!). I will say that one thing you really should NOT do again is play with your poop – it’s NOT modeling clay you know! Just leave that IN the litterbox where it belongs and girl-woman and boy-man will be much happier (and you won’t be in trouble!).

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. B & E….we bet two that gram maw wuz laffin….we bet two her wuz sayin… thatz de most use my beadz haz had in like….well……even since eye had em !! ♥♥
    N we hope girl woman & boy man noe that sayin bout kittenz will be kittenz will be kittenz til they iz catz….. enjoy yur afternoon ! ♥♥

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  3. Yous guys is sure working hard at trying to bes helpful! Mes lives what yous is doing. Especially the poop art! That is furry inovative!

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