Cupboard and Tent Fun

Good afternoon everyone! The summer holiday fun continues here in Den Haag. After lots of advice about the importance of keeping quiet during maintenance man’s visit, we did our very best. We liked having all our kitten things in one room but found it hard to recognise some of them in a different context. For quite some time we thought our litter tray was a new bed and Bella even had a nap in there until she realised…


Unfortunately, we got lonesome during his visit so began to meow for some attention. Girl-woman wasn’t happy with this and kept rushing through to ‘shush’ us. It was a fun game. After her third attempt at shushing us she suddenly opened the door to the cupboard of wonder! We immediately forgot all about maintenance man and rushed in to play. It is an amazing place!

IMG_1482 IMG_1486IMG_1488

We enjoyed it so much that we didn’t notice maintenance man leaving. We were sad to have missed him as we were hoping he would be a new friend. Girl-woman seemed very happy once he had left and we heard her phoning someone to say everything was fine and that ‘apart from some meowing, that could be passed off as seagulls, she thought she had got away with it.’ Not sure exactly what she means but she was in a very good mood after he left and even let us join in with some selfie shots.


Yesterday was also a day of fun. The humans plan to go tenting soon so girl-woman set up the tent to test it out. We were only allowed in under strict ‘no claw’ rules and we managed to comply with this for a few minutes quite well.


Once the tent was up, we found that it definitely required full claws to appreciate it properly so ended up relegated from the room yet again.




Today we have helped with the mopping and general cleaning and plan to try help out with the cooking later on as well.


Have a good day all!

PS – only 4 more sleeps until we get to go on holiday to vets! Very excited!


5 thoughts on “Cupboard and Tent Fun

  1. Oh my little friends you have SO much to learn!!! Glad you got away with hiding out when Maintenance Man was there – close call though had it not been for the MAGIC CLOSET you might have given yourselves away. Sleeping in the litter box is not as comfy as in a kitty bed or on a blanket though! Looks like you had fun in the closet AND in the big tent too! As for getting excited about the vet? That’s a GOOD ATTITUDE to have before going the first time but it’s hard to keep up that excitement on your second, third, etc. visits – trust me on that!

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Thank you lady of sparkles. Bella wants to point out the typo with the word possibly but I’ve told her it’s rude so we will not mention it! Xx


  2. B & E…..hay, if we wooda saw what wuz in de cup bord we wood sailed ta yur houz & helped eggsplore two !!!!

    how…..kewl……is…….that….place…….. 🙂

    maintenantz……..faaaaaaaaaaaaa……who kneads em when ya haz a bazillion thingz ta chex out !!!

    oh, N pleez ta tell gurl woman her willna noe if de tent iz rain proof ore knot un less a claw goes thru de fabric ~~ ♥♥♥

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