Summer Holidays and a Trip to the Vets!

Hi everyone! Today the girl-woman has started her ‘summer holidays’. She is a teacher which means that she doesn’t work very much and gets long holidays to look after us. At first, the morning started a little worryingly with girl-woman instructing boy-man to feed us as she was having a lie in. Boy-man failed to even begin to do it correctly though as he went to have a shower before feeding us. Girl-woman then got up to feed us properly before he had chance to ruin our breakfast again.

After that we decided to try the new bed that the humans are so keen for us to use. Bella went in it and girl-woman got really excited, taking photographs and calling for boy-man to come and see us ‘finally using the expensive bed.’ There was far too much noise for us to relax so we left the bed and went to sleep on the floor instead. I doubt we will bother with the bed again if they’re going to be so loud every time we attempt to use it.


After a nap we awoke to the wonderful sounds of sellotape and paper. Girl-woman was wrapping a birthday present for boy-man. We decided to help and had a wonderful time testing out the packaging and stealing the sellotape.


After another nap girl-woman started cleaning. She brought out the horrid hoover machine and then started mopping. We have a natural distrust for the hoover machine and the mop has always terrified us but Bella felt today was the day to be brave. We decided to see how close we could get to the mop without it attacking us and it turns out that it’s not so scary after all. We ended up having lots of fun playing with the mop. Girl-woman didn’t seem to enjoy it quite so much though and kept tutting and telling us to ‘shoo’. We suspect that she was secretly very proud of our bravery though.




In other exciting news, we overheard girl-woman on the phone to someone called ‘vet’. We are apparently going to his house for a little holiday next week. We have never been to vet’s before so are very excited! We hope there will be lots of toys there! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Summer Holidays and a Trip to the Vets!

  1. Gosh girls, very brave with the vacuum and mop – I hate both of those! As for your exciting (eeek) visit to the vet – let’s talk about that AFTER you’ve visited him. I’m not sure you’ll be as enthused about the whole thing NEXT time you have to visit. Thankfully you’re young and adorable and have no “old cat” health issues like me – you’ll probably charm them to bits and maybe even get a treat if you’re lucky!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. B & E….uh….hhmmmmmm…how due we pole lite lee say de vetz office sux……oh, we noe !!! de vetz office iz just like de hoover….it sux……itz a place oh eevil, N ~~~~~

    ..oh, sorree…R bad…..ewe …were…. buzzed happee bout goin…..

    oh kay then ~~~~~~

    heerz two an arctic char kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

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