More Helpfulness

Good morning all! We have been our usual helpful selves this morning and have even managed to redecorate the hall way with girl-woman’s bike! It all started when we decided to help squeegee the shower. We’ve been doing this for the past few days and it confuses the humans greatly. They keep insisting that kitties ‘don’t like water’ and ask us questions on repeat ‘what are you doing in here?’ ‘You guys hate water don’t you?’ It’s rather annoying when we’re trying to work and obviously don’t hate water. We’re not sure where they got this notion from – water is great fun!






Anyway, that job done and the shower all clean we moved onto some reflexology. Cats are experts in massage and we specialise in feet and hands. After a good massage from us boy-man was ready to face the day.


As a final help, we decided that girl-woman’s bike wasn’t quite in the right position (as you know, we are gifted in the art of Feng Shui). You can see from this photo that it’s placed far too much to the right.


To remedy this we had to do a lot of jumping but eventually we got the desired result:

IMG_1456 IMG_1460

Much better!

Girl-woman was obviously impressed as she asked us how in ‘god’s name’ we had managed it! We can’t share our secrets though so she’ll just have to keep guessing. 🙂


4 thoughts on “More Helpfulness

  1. My goodness… two must be EXHAUSTED at the end of the day – you are so busy redecorating the house while boy-man and girl-woman are away – I bet they can hardly wait to get home every day to see what kinds of “changes” you’ve made !!! Never a dull moment……isn’t it just plain FUN to be a kitten? Believe me – I remember!

    Love, Sammy


  2. B & E…..yea…even if they offer ewe like surf & turf aza bribe…due knot fall for it….how de bike getted from A… ta …..P iz ********************* and all sew *************
    …grate job helpin de “dad dood” all sew ~~~


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