The Joy of Toilet Roll

Good morning kitties. What a night of fun we’ve had! Last night we discovered the toilet roll holder! More importantly, we discovered that if we do our best jumping we can unravel the toilet roll and decorate the toilet room very nicely.


Girl-woman was so impressed with our decorating skills that she took a photograph in the night during her toilet room visit. Annoyingly, she cleared it away so we had to work extra hard to make another in time for morning.




Sadly, boy-man did not seem to appreciate our efforts. He was uncommonly grumpy this morning – we could tell from all the swear words as he cleared away our toilet-roll art. We think he has a lot on at work, poor thing. We plan to redecorate today ready for his home coming (one of our most favourite times of the day) but cannot seem to locate the toilet rolls at the moment. The humans appear to have misplaced them. Let the search begin!




9 thoughts on “The Joy of Toilet Roll

  1. Oh my! Well when I was your age, the toilet roll was the BEST toy EVER! We certainly managed to go through a lot of toilet rolls back then. I bet if you girls look REAL hard, you can find where they’ve hidden those rolls from you!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  2. MOL!😹 Nice work! You two make a great team!

    You know, those flippin humans just don’t appurreciate all our artistic talents -(morons )- I even shredded the shower curtain fur my human to give it that “shabby chic” look humans love so much, but the moron just REPLACED the curtain! What AN IDIOT!😾

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