Cats Love Tennis

Good morning kitties! Everybody knows that cats are experts in all things sporty and tennis is no exception. Therefore, despite there being no cats or Dutch players, we still thoroughly enjoyed the men’s final at Wimbledon yesterday. At first only I was interested…

IMG_0121But Bella soon got involved too.


It was a very exciting match with some tense moments.


Sadly, our favourite didn’t win but it was a good game worth watching.


In other, more concerning news, boy-man decided to feed us this morning, apparently to give girl-woman some extra sleep time. This is not the norm and he sadly didn’t do it correctly. We always have our bowls thoroughly washed and cleaned before new food is put in. Meat is then put on the right hand side with some nice crunchy biscuits on the left. Boy-man did not wash our bowls and then proceeded to throw everything in together without any thought given to presentation whatsoever! Most disappointing! We shared our annoyance by scattering all his man items (including his expensive new glasses) onto the floor.


Girl-woman was not pleased with him either as she takes our feeding routine very seriously – as is right and proper. We think he has learned his lesson and will hopefully never feed us again. Anyway, it’s been a busy weekend and we spent a lot of time playing loudly outside the human’s sleep-room last night so we intend to start today with some serious naps.


IMG_0111Have a happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “Cats Love Tennis

  1. Hello kitties, it’s good to see you were so involved in the tennis. I laughed a LOT at your experience with boy-human’s inadequate feeding, though I’m sure that laughing was not an appropriate response to a clearly serious issue. Tsk tsk, why do men not do things properly kitties? Mufasa is the same and as girl-woman knows if you want a job doing properly, I’ afraid you have to do it yourself!

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  2. Tennis is fun to watch on TV – and I quite enjoy football and baseball too – something about the little balls flying around the fields is rather exciting and with football, little people running around like little mice too! TV can be rather entertaining! I hope boy-man will remember the proper way to provide foodables to you girls in the future……scattering his guy stuff everywhere might have been just the thing to do to remind him how to properly serve you meals!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. guys……whoa….care full.. ya knead ta train boy man how ta feed ewe prop ur lee…. coz like if say girl woman leeved for werk at say 3:17 AM inn sted oh 7;29 AM, & boy man wuz de onlee one who COULD feed ewe……

    yea ~~~~ happee week a head β™₯

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  4. MOL Sum hoomans just don’t get da purrtance of purrsentation do they?. Weez like our plates to be nice and clean in tween each meal as well. And of course a little spwig of nip on da side of da plate fur purrfect purrsentaiton. Have a pawsum day nappin’.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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