Good morning all! Hope everyone’s weeks are going well! Despite our ongoing concern about Greece’s financial situation we have managed to enjoy our week by doing some serious cupboard exploration.

We have always liked cupboards but we very recently discovered 3 new, previously undiscovered cupboards! Joy! Here are our top 5 cupboards:

5) Kitchen cupboards – lots of nice smells inside these. The humans say we are not allowed inside them.


4) Bathroom cupboard – lots of rearranging opportunities. The humans say we are not allowed in this cupboard either.


3) Bag cupboard – a treasure trove of shopping bags. Girl-woman gets panicked when we go in here and thinks we might suffocate. We are not allowed in this cupboard any longer.


2) Cupboard of wonder! Just look at it! So much to explore. Unfortunately we are no longer allowed in this cupboard.


1) Unexplored cupboard that we have not been able to get into. This is our absolute favourite and is no doubt full of tuna and curtains and other good things. So far there is no rule about this cupboard. Hopefully today will be the day that we gain access.

IMG_1393 IMG_1397

Unfortunately, our humans do not seem to fully appreciate the excellence of these cupboards but this is perhaps because they cannot fit inside them. We have a sound understanding of Feng Shui and always rearrange their cupboards accordingly. Boy-man in particular seems to appreciate this and is always calling out ‘the kittens have been in here then?!’. It’s good to know he can tell when we have improved cupboards.


5 thoughts on “Cupboards

  1. Humans never seem to appreciate the things we do to try and improve our (and their) environment! Cupboard rearranging being a prime example. When I was your age I was always waiting for an opportunity to enter a “forbidden” space……especially under the kitchen sink. Why? Who knows – maybe it was a challenge with the pipes and stuff. I did learn that I could easily OPEN a cupboard though with my paw. You ladies might give that a try. Maybe your girl-woman could give you a nice plastic bag to play with – they are FABULOUS. They slide on the floor and make nice “hidey spots” for a nap too. The shopping bags are best……

    Love, Sammy

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  2. Good day kitties – I have read your latest blog in wonder – how marvellous to have had the opportunity to help boy-human in such a useful way. The fact that he noticed your efforts must be especially nice. It’s a shame about the other cupboards, where you are no longer allowed. I’m afraid I may have had something to do with girl-human’s fear of all things plastic, which always offers the potential for suffocation. As a little girl, she was never permitted to play with plastic bags, or, for that matter with sharp objects, pen lids, and so forth. Neither was she allowed close to traffic, the edge of the sea, oh and train platforms were particularly to be avoided. Ah kitties, all these things, which you won’t have to worry about, but I did, which may be why girl-human is a bit protective. Lots of love xxxx

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