Overtime Gift

Morning everyone! Yesterday our humans were both back from work late. Boy-man is doing something called ‘overtime‘ which we don’t fully understand but seems to mean that girl-woman gets to go for coffees with friends, have pedicures and buy lots of new things. This is good as she usually buys us gifts.

Yesterday was a gift day – we were given our very own kitty plant!


At first we were a little unsure of it so we investigated slowly.





After a few minutes we realised there was nothing to be afraid of and dived in for some serious play time.





We love our new plant toy and can’t wait for the next one – which we will require quite soon as this one is now looking a little worse for wear.


8 thoughts on “Overtime Gift

  1. Dear kitties, how very kind of your humans to buy you an overtime gift. Overtime does indeed mean that your girl-human will be able to indulge in extra coffees, pedicures and possible new shoes and a handbag too. However, I must stress that it does NOT mean that boy-human will be entitled to anything extra, despite that fact that he was the overtime provider. This is simply the way things work between boy and girl-humans 🙂 however, I’m sure that you will both continue to be the lucky recipients, as not only will girl-human have her own extra treats, she will also be in firm control of the rest of the funds, so I would keep a look out for that new plant – it should arrive any time 🙂

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  2. Oh boy! What a wonderful gift you got……….it’s nice to have some “yard” in your home……I have yard OUTSIDE my home but not INSIDE. Lucky you!! It does appear that it will be in desperate need of replacement soon though……it started out looking quite “perky” but you girls were quick to fix that! HAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

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  3. Did yous eats any of it? It will makes yous yakk and if yous a real cat from hell, yous will yakks in SHOES!!!
    The fun part is watching the pawrents clean it up!


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